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Personalize your Web store using the wide range of tools we provide you with

Choose from many stylish themes, add custom content, and much more...

Choose settings and features that correspond with your business model

Electronic download support for product type and/or for additional information

Design your Web store's look and feel, quickly and easily, by selecting one of our skins

Insert HTML code or flash movies

Add custom pages, such as a link page

Upload your own graphics and store logo

You can use a variety of widgets to add great content to your site

Here are some we recommend using on your homepage:

Category List

Category List Box

Image Grid Display by
Product or Category

Product Grid

Custom HTML & flash boxes

Use our editor to insert your own html code, images or flash movies to offer more tools & information to your customers.

Mailing List Signup

Mailing List Signup Box

Store Search Box

Search Box

Featured item rotator

Promote special products that you select using the featured item rotator. Some choose to promote new or sale items, while others simply suggest popular products... It's up to you!

Plus many more options!

Sample Homepage layout using widgets...

Web store homepage screenshot

Easily upload your logo and other graphics to your Web store

Upload images once - Reuse, resize, optimize the image as many times as you need it throughout your store.

Uploading store logo Sample e-store logo

Some stores need advanced customization, all stores can benefit from extra enhancements

We provide everything you will need to have a professional and successful e-commerce site

Advanced Settings:

Inventory: Set inventory levels and alerts to manage your stock.

Taxes: Setup state sales tax and product tax classes for easy management and accurate billing.

Drop Shipping: Save time and money by using drop shipping for the products you can ship directly from the wholesaler.

Gift Wrapping: A great way to increase revenue is to offer gift wrapping to your customers upon check out. You can set the cost per item and turn this on or off at store or product level.

Graphics: You may wish to add more graphics, product specific or general, to your site. Our e-Store allows you to add extra graphics for things like categories images, additional products images, announcements, e-mail messages, electronic downloads, or for any other general purpose.

Electronic downloads: Our e-Store supports electronic downloads as products and/or as supplemental files. For example, if you are selling CD's you may also sell a downloadable version. You are able to set many attributes such as the number of times it can be downloaded, the friendly title and how long it will be available online after purchase.

Marketing Tools:

E-mails: Send e-mails and newsletters to your customers and mailing lists from your control panel

Meta Tags: Add meta tags to you store & product pages so customers and search engines can find your store.

Custom Pages: Add custom pages to your site to provide additional information to your customers, or to earn more money. Many users add pages for link sharing, or to add advertising space for things like Google AdSense.

Affiliates: Enable individuals to join your affiliate program and reward them for sending customers to your store. Choose whether their commissions are a percentage of the sale or a flat rate commission.

Promotions & Gift Certificates: Increase sales by offering Gift Certificates to your store or by running special promotions such as store wide sales, sales by product, discount coupon codes or reduced pricing to returning customers.